Our Strategy

Escalier is developing both topical and oral RORγt inverse agonists for the treatment of a broad spectrum of psoriasis patients – from the underserved mild-to-moderate patients that would benefit from a safe and effective topical RORγt therapeutic to the more moderate-to-severe patients that would benefit from a safe and effective oral RORγt drug in lieu of injectable biologic therapies targeting IL-17 and IL-23.

Escalier’s topical drug candidate has high penetration in the dermal tissues with its proprietary technology that limits systemic drug activity. This strategy allows maximal target engagement at the site of inflammation and mitigates the risks of off-target activity and immune suppression effects.

We initiated human clinical trials with our topical drug in August 2018.

For patients with more severe disease, their imbalance of immune regulation requires a more aggressive, continuous and systemic treatment. We have designed structurally novel, potent and highly selective RORγt inhibitors that show potent target engagement with a pharmaceutical profile suitable for once daily oral administration.

Our topical and oral therapies span a broad spectrum of disease, thereby providing a bridge to patients for whom topically administered drugs are less effective, but for whom injectable biologics may not be the appropriate option.

We plan to initiate human clinical trials with our oral drug in early 2019.